Cadillac//ATS Vs. The World


Somewhere along the way, Cadillac stopped making boats and started making rocket ships.

The problem? No one but gearheads noticed.

So when Cadillac introduced the sporty ATS, we needed a move that would take a sledgehammer to preconceptions.

We traveled the globe to create ATS Vs The World, testing the vehicle’s features on the most demanding roads on earth.


The brand called the launch, one of the most important in Cadillac’s history.

Our producers called it, “a logistical nightmare.”

We just grabbed our passports…


The campaign made its debut on the world’s largest stage: the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics, followed by 8 spots from four locations around the world.



ATS Vs The World Website
A web experience highlighted all four countries with pictures, quotes, and over twenty location documentary films by director Joe Berlinger.


ATS Vs Path

We used the social app Path to create the first Real-Time Press Kit, documenting  and sharing adventures  as they unfolded: locations, photos, videos and more. We even hacked Nike+ to track our time around the Monaco Grand Prix course.


We created long vertical strips of #travelporn, hijacking extra Pinterest real-estate when re-pinned on a users’ page.