smartwater//Rehydration Day - Jessica Walden-Morden


After lockdown, we knew we’d all be making some dumb choices.

To help save the thirsty nation, smartwater created a new, (un)official holiday on the day America would be seriously suffering: the 5th of July. Or as we call it, Rehydration Day.

We kicked the day off by introducing the smartkeg: smartwater-filled kegs ready to do battle with truly patriot-sized hangovers.

We used them to grant hydration salvation on-site in NYC and LA.


We commiserated with morning-after misery in OOH and TVC.

And flooded timelines with rehydration.


The kegs were such a hit, they’ve continued to make appearances on the most dehydrated days of the year: January 1st and July 5th. Cheers to that!

CD/AD: Jennifer Farquharson

Designer: Jason Borzouyeh

Producer: Jim Leonard, Rachel Zahnen

CCO: Noel Cottrell