Wingstop//420 High-Atus - Jessica Walden-Morden


Wingstop and weed have always been a match made in stoner heaven—the two were mentioned 23,000 times together last year. So we rewarded our ganja groupies by banishing their 4/20 binge-session’s only buzzkill: repetitive spots.


It started innocently enough on the morning of 4/20, with a take on a movie-break classic. But our media buy ensured that throughout a show, our spots changed. Warped. Spaced out.

In short: as our audience got more and more messed up, so did we.

Our anamorphic munchies also appeared in Instagram polls, Facebook, gify, and at the premier of Super Troopers 2.

Leaving viewers questioning reality and craving Wingstop.





CD AD: Corey Favier

ACD: Bryce Richardson

ACD: Jason Hopkins

Sr. AD: Brandon Bennett

ECD: Katy Hornaday





ADDY(R) Award 2019

ADDY(R) Award Gold

ADDY(R) Award Silver

EFFIE Media Award Bronze

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